Friday, January 30, 2015

A Glimpse into the Sequel

After two weeks of almost continuous writing I have finished approximately 1/4 of the sequel.  A lot of time is spent in researching and getting facts in order.  Even though it is written as a novel, I still try to maintain the integrity of prophetic truth and historical information.  

There are varying opinions on the sequence of events that will occur during the seven years of what is referred to as The Tribulation.  I seriously doubt if anyone can predict how the timelines will exactly play out, but most of us that study prophecy can agree on the actual events themselves.  As I am writing the second of what I plan to be a trilogy, I am also watching world events.  I believe something major is getting ready to happen in the very near future that could totally change the world in which we live.

A scenario of end time events does not paint a pretty picture and it is not one that most, even Christians, want to hear about.  However, that does not stop the progression of prophecy playing out exactly as the ancient prophets wrote.

As I write I am praying the Book of Revelation will come to life as it is lived by my characters and connects the prophetic dots of both the Old Testament and New Testament.

In the first half of "The Omega Watchers Released", the story will take the reader through the outcome of the Mid-East War that is about to take place (according to Psalms 83), the destruction of Damascus (Is. 17) the return of the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to Israel (Jeremiah 23), identifying (who I believe) the False Prophet will be (Rev. 13), the confirmed covenant between Israel and the anti-Christ (Daniel 9: 27) and the war of God and Magog (Ezekiel 38 & 39).  The later two will release the first two horses of the apocalypse (Rev. 6).

My entire reason for writing this novel is to help the lay person understand the coming events and be able to share it with their friends and family.  We can't stop what's coming, but God promised he would make a way of escape!

Keep your eyes on Israel!  Maranatha!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Trilogy?

In my last blog I shared my "divine interruption" that would allow lots of time to write and research for the next few weeks. I've been home from the hospital for a week now and spent most of my time working on my sequel.  I have loved this time and not regretted being ordered by the doctor to stay off my feet and heal.

I get up early and begin my day praying for divine guidance, asking for wisdom and direction in every chapter I write.  I have now finished chapter nine and I don't think it is possible to accomplish what is needed in one novel.  Especially if I am to do justice in explaining what the order of judgments will be in the "day of Jacob's trouble", which is the seven years of the great tribulation.

I realize there are many views on the great tribulation sequence of events and I don't believe any one person can know absolutely sure.  But, I believe there are events that will definitely take place and no one who believes the Bible is the inspired Word of the Living God can deny these events.  My readers (who study and know prophecy) may not all agree with my timelines, but I believe they all will agree with the events that are prophesied to come in the near future.  And Israel is the center of all biblical prophecy and the time clock for the coming events!

I am amazed as I am writing about prophecy and watching world events at the same time, how the two are coming together.  I even wonder if I will have time to finish the sequels before some of the events actually happen...or before the harpazo (rapture) actually occurs.  God knows and perhaps that is the reason I am confined to my recliner for several weeks.

We are in the middle of the blood moon tetrad. (If you don't understand by all means google it and learn!)  The next blood moon is on April 4th, preceded by a total solar eclipse on the first day of God's calendar, April 20th. (See Exodus 12:1 for an explanation of God's new year.)  The signs are in the heavens and something big is about to happen in this world and with Israel.

Watch and pray!  Maranatha, my friends.

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Divine Interruption?

Since my last post I have had "life happen".  I had a battle with ice last week and the ice won. A quick slip and down I went, hip first. It was fractured but (thank God!) no surgery and will heal on its on.  After a few days stay at the friendly local hospital, I am now prisoner to my recliner for a few weeks. 

The good news is, I will have uninterrupted time of writing my sequel. I just wonder how far I can get during this time of recovery. I didn't have that opportunity with the first book.  It would be just a few hours here and there as time was available.  Maybe it won't take two years for this one!

Even though it is not in God's Word, I do believe He works in mysterious ways sometimes. It is going to take many hours of research and study for 'The Omega Watchers Released'.  This is a major prophetic challenge to write this novel in the sequence of events that will take place during the final seven years of time as we know it

I realize no one knows for sure how the tribulation period will play out.  There are MANY opinions!  But we do have a road map in the Word of God and I will follow it as close as I can.  I just pray we will not be here to actually live it.

Prayers appreciated!   I will keep you posted in the days ahead.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Sequel Has Begun - The Omega Watchers Released

Since I finished the manuscript for The Omega Watchers, I have been researching, studying the Book of Revelation and outlining my thoughts for Book II.  I am in the process now of the actual text and so excited to be back to creative writing.

The problem I face is I want to put everything on hold and have no interruptions, but that's unrealistic. It's impossible to seclude myself and think only of the story.  But every section of time I can get to myself, I am constantly working on the new pages.

I'm sure it will be as the first book was...constant editing, rewriting and trying to get the story to flow seamlessly.  Many times I would get deep into my first book and the plot would take a new twist.  I would have to go back to prior chapters and rewrite to get the continuous flow of information to unfold correctly.  However, I must say, this is a joy!  When we can do what we love to do, it is one of the greatest blessings God can impart to us.  And even more so, if it can minister to others and change lives.

I want to give one of the several experiences a reader shared with me.  She sent me a private message and asked me if I had actually experienced astral travel.  She felt my description was so accurate that I must have.  She knew because she had traveled on more than one occasion in her life and it was exactly as I had described.  I told her when I was in my early twenties I had met someone that was deeply involved in the new age movement and that was part of his experiences.  He gave me detailed descriptions of what would happen and that was branded into my mind and became part of the book. I was not living a Christian life at that time and the enemy was trying to deceive me into a false spirituality.  I know the prayers of my mother and father kept me from that dark place.  Even in my sinful state of being, I did not fall for the deception.  I knew deep inside this was evil.

Don't give up on your prayers for those you love.  Even when it seems they are bouncing back from heaven unheard, KNOW that no prayer from the heart in the name of Yeshua goes unanswered!

I believe we are facing major changes in this world in this coming year and I feel an urgency to complete the new book.   Things will only get worse in the days ahead. Soon we will see the coming of our Lord.  We must labor while it is yet day for the night comes when no man can labor.  Be about the Father's business.  What has He called you to do in these final days of time as we know it?

Gloria in excelsis Deo - To God be the Glory!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

So thankful!

Let me begin by saying, I have certainly been out of my comfort zone as a published author.  My readers asking me to sign their books is a very humbling experience.  I want to just throw my arms around them and give them a big hug for taking their precious time to read something I wrote.  (Let me change that to say, what I believe the Holy Spirit led me to write and directed me through the entire book.)  That is a blog in itself and would be pretty lengthy on how the story unfolded.  I am so thankful for all of you that have joined me in this journey.

What has amazed me most is the power of social media.  When "End Times Headlines" began to promote my book on their FB page that has over a quarter million followers, The Omega Watchers was literally "shared" to every continent on earth.  I know that doesn't mean everyone that shared actually read it, but it does mean that it was seen by a vast number of people.  And I have received feedback from those that have  read it in other countries that would have never known about it otherwise. Social media can be good...or bad.  It all depends on how we choose to use it!  In this case it has been a tremendous blessing!

I thank those of you that have sent me personal messages or called to tell me how the book ministered to you.  It has been amazing to hear the different parts of the book that spoke to individuals.  We all are in different places in our spiritual journey and spiritually ingest at a different level.  One dear friend told me that the one thing that stayed with her for days was one of the comments at the end by my character, Chris, when he realized he was one day too late and had missed the rapture.  I wonder how many of those that have heard the truth, denied our Lord, and will be crying those same the near future.