Thursday, March 21, 2013

"The Omega Watchers" -  Still making revisions

After a few days break from writing to study and prepare to teach a prophecy class, I am now full swing back into getting the first part of the book pretty much finished so I could move into the "thick" of the plot.

I wonder if other writers have the same feelings of uncertainty as they put their thoughts, emotions and creative writing into story form?  I constantly ask myself if I am portraying the characters and scenes in words that will paint a picture of the people and places the story surrounds so the reader will both "feel" and "see" what is happening.

I am at the point in the book that spiritual beliefs become the center of everything that is happening.  Some of the characters stand firmly on their beliefs and others are trying to find their truth.  Is this not what we experience everywhere we go?  In our families, our jobs, community (and yes) even in the church we find people that really don't know what they believe, but then there are those that stand strong in their faith no matter what.  Sadly, there are many somewhere in the middle.

The true believers are the people that can be a shining light to everyone around them, when the allow the love of God to flow through them to others, allowing the Spirit in them to draw "all men unto Christ".

Gabriella (the main character in the book) is searching to find spiritual understanding and the reality of God.  She has just entered into a spiritual deception that would lead her down the road of destruction in her quest for truth.  There is always a counterfeit to the real.  And the "counterfeiter" is looking for every opportunity to make an appearance.  This is so true in the world today...maybe even more so as we see so many biblical prophecies fulfilled identifying the time in which we live.

Do you know what you believe?  Can you share it with others in a way that will draw them to THE Truth?  This is the most important mission we have in life!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

"The Omega Watchers"  -  Revision time

I am currently rewriting the first few chapters of the book and make a few adjustments to some of the others.  As I have gotten deeper into the plot I see where there are some things that needed to be added in the beginning and some saved for later...and some just deleted.  And I have a few good friends that are reading it as I write that are giving me great feedback to help me fine tune.

I have always loved to write but having never attempted a novel, this has been a real journey and I am just getting started.  There is much of the story that comes to me as I write that I never thought about and then other things that I knew in advance would be part of the plot, but I didn't know how or when it would be included.  It's almost like raising a child.  You have lots of good plans, but you have to take it a day at a time and often those plans change.

Chapter 11 will be exciting to write as I am really getting into the paranormal experiences that Gabriella is having.  I am writing this chapter from my heart as I am seeing so many people, both young and older, being sucked into the beliefs of ghosts, UFOs, seances and so much more.   My desire is to tell the story in a way to uncover the deceptions and reveal the Truth!  As the Book of Revelation says "Let those that have ears hear"!  Sadly, many will not. But if any lives are changed or touched, it will be well worth the journey.

I can see by my stats on the blog that many people are viewing my blog, but no one is leaving a post.  Please let me know you have taken a few minutes to visit me!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

"The Omega Watchers" - Chapter 10

I suppose it is only natural when writing a novel to interweave bits and pieces of your own life into the story.  In writing Chapter 10, I reflected on my days of questioning what I really believed.  When I was 20 years old my mother passed away and she was the strong spiritual strength in our family.  Being raised in a "very" conservative home and with her now gone, I battled to understand truth.  I could not understand why such a Godly woman was taken so young if there truly was a God.  My personal quest began.

It is just like the enemy of our soul to bring across our path a deception to try to lead us away from the truth, and I was introduced to "spiritual" things that I did not know existed having lived a very sheltered life.  I was living in Lexington, Kentucky and met a young man that was a "Spiritist".   We had deep conversations about the spirit world and it was very different from what I had been taught. He quoted bible scriptures, but interpreted them totally different.  I began to wonder about the things he was telling me that I had not heard before and curiosity kept our conversations going for quite some time.

In this chapter I start to expose some of the deceptions the enemy tried to pull me into.  Had it not been for the prayers of my mother and the blood covering she constantly spoke over me that was still upon me even though she had gone to her heavenly reward, I could have so easily fallen into the spiritual deception.  Our young people are looking for something supernatural.  They want something bigger than who they are and that want to know this life isn't all there is.  If they do not get their spiritual answers from the church, then the enemy "appears" as a beautiful angel of light to seduce them into his supernatural world, and without the discernment of the Holy Spirit, can so easily be seduced.

We are in a time that our young people are being deceived by so many spirits that would dilute the truth of the one Holy God and His Son, Jesus.  The winds of deception are blowing strong for the enemy knows his time is short.

Have you asked yourself why books and movies about witchcraft, vampires, and all things evil are blockbusters?   They are filling a spiritual void in our young that the church should be filling!  And the young adults (that have been raised in church) are exiting our churches in masses.  We need the power to return to our churches and it will only return as we individually seek a Spirit filled life.

I pray daily as I am writing The Omega Watchers that spiritual truth will be revealed and the deception be exposed!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

"The Omega Watchers" Chapter 9

I finished Chapter Nine today and I introduced in story form the battle that goes on in the mind of most people at some point of their lives.  I know it did mine when I was in my early twenties.  I found myself asking if I believed in God because I was "taught" to believe, or because I really believed.  I went through a long struggle of finding my own truth and when I did no one could make me doubt again.  The amazing thing was my search for God brought me full circle back to what I had always been taught.  If we seek we will find.

Chapter nine begins the story of a quest to find out why there were so many "gods" in ancient times and still today.  Where did the gods originate from and why did people worship them?  Was man in need of believing there was a stronger power than himself, or did these "powers" exist?  There are certain characteristics that threads from one religious belief to another and is common to all.  By going back to the very beginning we find two strong possibilities that are polar opposites.

Chapter nine reveals one of the views and how easily it is to be seduced by the possibility. In fact, there are millions on this planet that have already fallen into this trap and spreading the message quickly.  The bible talks about the "great deception" of the end times and my prayer is "The Omega Watchers" will be a revealing source of this deception!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I have finished eight chapters of "The Omega Watchers" and have introduced the main characters and set the stage for the plot to starting unfolding.  I research for hours before I write about the places and events to make sure I am being geographically and historically correct, and, of course, biblically correct with any references to the Word of God.

I have gone back several times and added or deleted certain information to build the story and now I am ready to really get into the spiritual battle that will begin in Gabriella's life.  She is the main character of the book who has no foundation in any religion and struggling in a scientific world of "facts" to prove if there is a supernatural world that really exists.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"The Omega Watchers"

Welcome to the new blog "Prophecy Peeps"!  Thank you for visiting my sight and your comments are welcome.

This is my first update on the novel I am writing titled "The Omega Watchers".  I have always loved to write and promised myself when I retired I would write a novel, not knowing or having any idea what it would be about.  I still didn't know until in January 2013 my husband and I had some friends for dinner and to have a time of discussing current events in prophecy.  I had no idea that the topics of the evening would take me into a deep study concerning the words of Jesus in Matt. 24, when he said his return would be "as it was in the days of Noah".

I had often read this verse and heard different sermons on what various ministers "thought" it meant, but I had never been satisfied in my spirit that I truly understood what Jesus was telling his disciples, that apparently they understood exactly what he meant just from that phrase.  Yes, it was a time that was vile and evil and I think there are very few who really understand the depths of that "evil".

As I studied day after day for hours and hours, the subject matter for the book became clearer and clearer to me. It also opened up my understanding of the bible in new and exciting ways as I applied the knowledge I was obtaining from the intensive study.  The deeper meaning of so many verses in the bible had been lost to me as I read them, because "of a lack of knowledge".

 I am writing  "The Omega Watchers" as a mystery novel, with the lead character being caught between true love and dark love, as she struggles to discover what was truths vs. myths of the ancient gods.   But the main purpose will be to saturate the story with biblical and ancient Jewish truths, archaeological discoveries, and to uncover the deception concerning the paranormal experiences that seem to capture the imagination of today's society, especially our young people.

My prayer as I interweave all of these elements together into this novel is it will bring us to the conclusion of what "the days of Noah" really were and how we are seeing the return before our very eyes.