Thursday, May 16, 2013

Since my last post I have made major headway into the novel.  I am about to begin Chapter 24 and after laying the groundwork for the plot in the beginning chapters it is all coming together now in a battle waging for the soul of Gabriella.

As I have studied deeper into the paranormal it is amazing the counterfeit it has to the true spiritual life.  Everything our Heavenly Father offers us in a pure, loving way the enemy offers in his counterfeit "religion"  which ends up in a vile, destructive captivity of the mind and soul.  It's beautiful in the beginning but destruction in the end...the exact example given to us in the Garden of Eden when Eve fell for the lies.  "Surely you will not die."

The Omega Watchers takes the reader through many of the deceptions that are active in the world today and (I believe) setting the stage for the great deception the bible tells us of in the end of days.  (11 Thess. 2)
It also will reveal a possible huge deception for the end times that most Christians have never considered, but is beginning even now to make its way onto the world scene.

I Corn. 13:12 tells us "For now we see through a glass darkly".  There are so many things we have glimpses of but don't understand.  The prophet Daniel wrote that knowledge would be increased in the end of days and I truly believe that is both intellectual and spiritual understanding.  And those that study and follow bible prophecy are receiving a major understanding of the signs of the coming of our Lord!

Now back to Gabriella's war.  She is in great danger!