Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Journey Continues

I realized this morning as I was communicating with some of my new friends around the world, that have contacted me after reading The Omega Watchers, the blessings of being an author have many levels.

My prayer for those who read my novel is spiritual eyes will be opened to the paranormal deceptions of the end of days; and readers would have a desire to dig out deeper truths for themselves spurred by the biblically based events that take place in the plot.  Numerous readers have confirmed the story has taken them to a deeper study of Genesis 6 and the connections to the paranormal world, realizing the impact it has in the day in which we live...especially as we approach the end of days.

What I did not realize is how my novel would connect me with Christians (and some non-believers) around the world.  We are sharing the events in our own nations and how they are all rapidly fulfilling bible prophecy.  The world seems so much smaller when cyberspace allows you to connect immediately with people literally anywhere on the planet in real time.

I am so blessed to have new friends in many states around America, plus international countries of Australia, Ireland, Philippines, Denmark, South Africa, Great Britain, and Saudi Arabia (where The Omega Watchers story actually begins).

My journey as a published author has just begun and I am so excited to see where it will lead.   May Yahweh always get the Glory in all things.