Friday, March 21, 2014

Story is finished!!!

After a year,  two months and two days, I finished "The Omega Watchers" on the first day of spring.  (An appropriate time since it means new life and new beginnings.)  I pray that many will come to a new or deeper relationship with Yahweh God as they take this journey in novel form with my lead character Gabriella as she searches for spiritual truth.

I still have some small revisions to do and some editing but basically I am done...complete...through...and finished!

I battled with which direction to go with my ending.  Finish it with a happy ending?  Or be more true to life with the fact that "all will not come to knowledge of the Lord."  (And set up for a sequel.)

I will probably always think of things that I should have added or left out or changed, but I pray that the finished product is a tool of ministry.  I have attempted to give information in novel form to:

  • People caught in the world of the paranormal
  • Belief in extraterrestrial existence
  • Those that are fascinated with ghosts and spirit beings
  • Those that do not understand that the "end of days" REALLY IS close
  • Open the mind of Christians to search the scriptures and the extra-biblical historical writings for a new depth of understanding of the end times
  • And to make those that are not ready realize they will be left behind when the rapture takes place.
The next great challenge is publishing.  I pray for wisdom as I go forward and know God will meet every need.  I appreciate the prayers of all who read this blog.