Monday, February 16, 2015


It is a snowy day in SE Kentucky.  The weather forecast is for a possible historic snowfall for this area, just as writing my first novel was a historic event for my life.  I love the peaceful tranquility of snow.  It lays a blanket of silence across the countryside and opens the heart to reflections.

Writing has truly been a journey in my life and not an event.  When I began writing two years ago, I had no idea what to expect.  I would many times stop in the midst of a chapter and ask my self, "Will anyone actually read this?"  I didn't know what steps to take if and when the book was actually finished.   I had music that had been copyrighted and published, but I had never published a book.  I was not even sure how to begin.  I often wondered if it was a huge waste of time as I spent hundreds of hours researching, writing, editing, and re-writing.  However, something in me kept pushing me forward in the midst of all of my uncertainties.

I have been asked numerous times if I experienced 'writer's block'.  I can honestly say I never did. Many times I would have no idea what direction the story would take until I actually began writing a new chapter.  And there were several times I would have to go back to earlier chapters and make changes to line them with what would unfold in the plot later; but I never reached a place that I didn't know where to go from that point.  I know there was a 'Presence' leading me.

My biggest struggle was weighing between two opinions of ending my novel.  Those of you that have read it will well understand why.  I wanted truth of what will someday be, to impact the reader and remain in their heart as a signpost of being diligent to share the salvation message while we still labor in the harvest. Time is short and night will soon come.

I prayed for guidance and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit throughout the processes of writing, editing, and publishing.  I am now in the arena of marketing.  Even though that was my career for 35 years, it is very different when you are marketing a product someone else has created. Marketing your own 'baby' is an entirely different emotion.  The publisher tells me, as a new author, I must use all potential avenues of promotion keeping it before the public's eyes.  To be honest, I sometimes feel it balances on the edge of vanity, and that is the last message I want to send with a Christian novel.

It has been amazing to watch social media share my book to all continents.  I have been humbled by contacts from those seeing the shares on FB and purchasing it through various book websites.  The responses have been touching and lives have been ministered to by various spiritual elements of the content. When I hear the words 'I couldn't put it down', it is like music to an author's ears.

Through the website, a book critic from Australia marked my book to be read and reviewed.  I have since been in communication with him and I am both excited and a little nervous to hear his professional opinion.  He has a few books already lined up before mine, but I will keep you posted on the outcome.

On this beautiful snowy day I will be continuing the journey of the second book in this trilogy that will take the reader into the seven years of tribulation.  I see the current events in the world lining up even as I write.  I wonder, will there be time to finish?

Maranatha, my friends.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Blessed Day

Yesterday, February 9th, was a blessed day!  My blog crossed the threshold of over 1000 views, I found it is on '' and it was added to a Pinterest site called "Books Worth Reading".   I am still learning how all of this works, and was not aware of all of the places books could be shared and reviewed.  

On top of  yesterday's good news, my novel is now selling internationally.   I have been contacted by readers in Great Britain, Australia, Germany, and Denmark.  And the book has been shared on Facebook to literally every continent (even Muslim nations).  

My greatest desire is to know lives have been affected and a new awareness of the spiritual deceptions of the end of days is being born into the minds and hearts of the readers.  "As it was in the days of Noah" is an analogy that will soon be a reality.


Monday, February 9, 2015

Soli Deo gloria - To God be the Glory

I thank each of my readers for the positive reviews of my novel on both Facebook and websites where they have purchased (Amazon, Amazon UK, BookNook, I-Apple).  These reviews are extremely valuable in helping to interest other possible readers of end time novels. 

The written reviews have been very positive; and additionally, different readers have contacted me personally and shared which parts of the book either ministered to them or opened their eyes to the paranormal deceptions and events of the end of days.  I love these personal contacts!  It makes me feel connected to my readers.

I wanted to share a review given by Billie Goldsberry on 'The Omega Watchers' FB page, which truly caught the essence of my intentions for the book as a whole:

"What an education I have received concerning the world view of New Agers! I must admit that I was entirely mesmerized and horrified to feel the tug and pull in the spiritual realm that the characters were experiencing. If a grounded, mature Christian can experience this from reading a book, what hope do others have that are without Christ?! I more fully appreciate the effect our prayers have on the behalf of those who cannot defend themselves against the wiles of the enemy.... This is real, people! I hope this book reaches the masses and becomes a best seller among those who can most identify with the characters!"  

(To join us on Facebook click the link to the lower right of this post.)

After hundreds and hundreds of hours researching, writing and editing, it means more than words can say to know that lives are being touched and The Omega Watchers is a tool of ministry in educating Christians to the satanic deceptions that are luring our society and setting the stage for the Anti-Messiah.

Soli Deo gloria - To God be the Glory!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blog comments were blocked!

I didn't realize my blog was blocked from anyone being able to make comments.  That has been corrected and I welcome any comments or questions.  If there are still issues in making comments, please send me a private message at

I truly appreciate all of you that take your precious time to read my blog and follow the events of writing, releasing, marketing and the personal emotions involved in a first novel, and now sequels.

God bless you all!