Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Omega Watchers

The battle begins!

I have finished the revisions for the first chapters of the book and now entering into the part of the book that the spiritual battles really begin.  Gabriella has been sucked into a world of deception thinking she is finding spiritual truths.  This is exactly the plan of the enemy.  He counterfeits everything that is spiritually true to confuse and seduce those that are "open" to looking in the wrong places for understanding, especially the world of the paranormal.

Just curious how many have heard of Edgar Cayce from Kentucky?  He is one of the father's of the new age paranormal beliefs.  Or have you heard of the Arcturians?   My book will reveal many of the paranormal deceptions that are herald as being absolute truth and followers from all over the world joining these new age groups.  The bible warns us of the great deception that will come at the end of the age and will introduce the Anti-Christ.

According to the bible there is war in the heavenly places.  The Books of Daniel, Ephesians and Revelation describes it well.  The most important of all spiritual battles is determining what we believe based on the Word of God.

I appreciate the prayers of my friends as I write the next chapters revealing the true and the counterfeit.  This is the search of so many people today, especially the young.  They want to know there is something more than this life on earth (that is just a vapor) and the enemy will lead them into his spiritual truth if the Church (the believers of the Holy God) does not point them to the real truth!