Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Sequel is Finished!

After two years of numerous (and wonderful) life interruptions I can finally announce "The Third Strand", the sequel to "The Omega Watchers", is finished. The new book is in the editing stage and I hope to have the manuscript ready to be published early February.  This would mean books would be on the shelves and available for electronic downloads by early spring.

My readers will find the sequel picks up at exactly the point The Omega Watchers ended.  The Third Strand will be packed with ancient biblical prophecies (many of which are being played out in reality on the world scene today) come to life in a novel format.  The mysteries in The Omega Watchers will finally be solved:

  • Who killed Gabriella's mother?  
  • Who tried to kill the Professor?  
  • Why was the implant so important to The New World Order?
  • The mysteries of the bunker Gabriella is left in when everyone disappears.
  • The mystery of The Prophet.
  • Why was Gabriella really chosen for such a time as this? 
These mysteries will be solved in "The Third Strand" as new mysteries unfold for Gabriella when her father, the man she loved and all of her friends simply vanished during the prophetic Psalms 83 War. 

In the sequel Gabriella will experience: 
  • The rise of The False Prophet
  • The world leader's pseudo explanation of where the vanished went.
  • How one common factor of all religions will bring together the Antichrist's One World Religion
  • How the implant her father discovered becomes the Mark of the Beast  
  • And much more!
A reminder that novels are fiction!  No one has the answers to how end time prophecy will merge with daily life in the world; however, the Bible does tell us of events that will definitely take place just before the return of Jesus.  My novels wrap a fiction story and "possibility" of how the real prophetic last days in some part could play out.

My prayer is the prophetic truths and scriptures used in my novels will touch hearts, challenge the reader to study for themselves and ultimately come to a closer relationship with Yahweh the only true God, and Yeshua (Jesus) His only Son.