Monday, April 17, 2017

Half Hour of Silence in Heaven

Most of my blogs have been about my novels, events, updates, etc.  However, as I am studying and researching for Book III in The Omega Watchers Series, I will be sharing some "nuggets" of revelation I am receiving concerning The Book of Revelation.

In Book III Gabriella is at the threshold of the seven years of tribulation which is given in outline form in Daniel and precise detail in John's Revelation.  To most, The Book of Revelation is mysterious, confusing, debatable, and been the center of much theological heated discussion.

I have been among those that would read and study the different commentaries to only be more confused.  Until!  Until I began to study this 2000-year-old Revelation of Jesus our Messiah in the context of the first century in which it was written.  A time when all Jews studied and understood the Torah (or often referred to as the Law of Moses - the first five books of the Bible).  The early church understood the connections John was making and that needed no interpretation, but through the 20 centuries of time and especially as our society became westernized we have lost the roots of the Hebraic connections that define, connect and enlighten us to what John was revealing.

I believe the prophetic vision John had not only gave the events of The Great Tribulation but connected them to the Temple worship in Israel and the appointed days - The Seven Feasts (moadim) of Yahweh - given in Lev. 23. It really only makes sense knowing these seven holy convocations were both actual Hebrew events and "rehearsals" of future prophetic events all revealing Jesus from his first coming to the final Kingdom on Earth. There is so much depth that it is impossible to share it in a blog and honestly I have only begun to scratch the surface.  But I do want to share some valuable nuggets in the coming months as I am studying and writing to challenge my readers to study for themselves.

 "And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. And I saw the seven angels which stood before God, and to them were given seven trumpets.- Rev. 8:1-2" - Have you wondered why a half hour of silence?  There are some events in Revelation that make no sense outside of the Seven Feasts and Jewish temple worship. When you see the connection it's like...WOW!  

It is a recorded fact of the Temple service that the whole process of collecting the fire from the altar, offering the incense, and re-emerging from the Sanctuary took THIRTY MINUTES. During all this time, the musical and vocal praises in the Temple ceased, and the people stood in an awed silence! For half an hour.  Then seven trumpets were blown!

Do you think this is a coincidence?  The Book of Revelation is "The Revelation of Jesus our Messiah" and all the events that will take place just before his Second Coming.  The Tabernacle built by Moses in the wilderness was all prophetic of Jesus the Messiah in his first coming.  He is the Alpha and Omega - the beginning and the end.