Sunday, April 30, 2017

I have not shared this on my blog because I was waiting for more information.  But I decided to both share and ask my blog readers to join me in prayer for God's perfect will.

"The Omega Watchers", Book I in the Series, is going to be considered for a 'possible' movie.  It's just in the first stages of consideration and it is a long shot, but I am honored it is even going to be considered.  

To give a lighter mood to my social media and based on the movie possibility, I have a game on "The Omega Watchers" FB page to offer suggestions of what actors to play the main characters.  This is just for fun. but I am going to mail a signed copy of my new novel to the winner and post the Winner's picture on my Amazon Author Page, FB Author Page, Google Profile and Blog.  

Here's how it will work:
1.Review Guru Peter Younghusband will select a character and we will post it on Facebook Page, "The Omega Watchers".  To comment on your suggestion for an an actor/acress, Just click on the link above "Join The Omega Watchers on Facebook" 
2. Everyone making suggestions will be put in a drawing and Peter will announce the winner of that character before we move to the next. That winner becomes a Finalist.
3. After the cast is complete I will draw from the Finalists at my Book Signing on May 13th.
4. The winner will receive a signed copy of "The Third Strand" and their picture posted on my author page. Google and blog.
5. It's just for fun, so join in!