Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Third Strand eBook Available to Order Today

Today 'The Third Stand' eBook went on sale on Amazon and anywhere electronic books are sold. In 2-3 weeks the printed book will be available to order. I am anxious to hear from my readers their comments and feedback on The Omega Watchers' Sequel.

This has been a long labor of love and I am taking a breath before starting Book III in the series. In the meantime, I have TWO SPECIAL REQUESTS from those who will read 'The Third Strand':

1.  I am asking you to be part of an interview being hosted by Peter Younghusband (Christian Fiction Review Critic from Australia).  He is requesting readers of The Third Strand to email questions to him regarding my new novel and your questions will be incorporated into his interview format. You can ask a question regarding my writing, book content, prophetic connections, or whatever you would like to know as connected to my novels. If you would like to submit a question, please send your name and question to Peter at:

2.  I am inviting you to be part of my new "Omega Watchers" prayer and support group in this ministry of writing.  This will be a close, more personal group within our larger FB group.  My greatest desire is that lives will be changed and readers will have a closer relationship with our Lord and Savior, and as we join together in prayer I believe that will happen!  I will keep our group members updated to the progress of Book III, the prophetic connections to my novels and together we will watch world events unfolding setting the stage for the end of days. Many of you are already very supportive, but I would like to create a special group that I can share more intimately with. Please post on our "The Omega Watchers" FB page and let me know you would like to join us. Click the link at the top of my posts to join or copy and paste:

You have NO idea how much the support and kind words of my readers have encouraged me to continue on this journey as an author.  Of the many roads I have traveled in life, this has been the most challenging and rewarding.

God Bless You, my friends!


Peter Younghusband said...

If those who would like to add a question for this interview, please in your email to me state your name as this will be part of your question. In the interview it will state:

Fred Citizen asks: (Jane, ........)

Great opportunity to learn more about Jane, her mission in writing these novels, eschatology and obtain a greater appreciation of The Omega Watchers series.

It will also help promote these novels and their message.


Peter Younghusband said...

Post your questions to

Peter Younghusband said...

To see what this looks like, here is one I conducted before:

Interview with Christian author, Mike Dellosso on the release of his new novel at the time, Centralia and his previous books. It was received well, promoted Mike and his books and we have alot of fun in the process.

Panharith said...

It will also help promote these novels and their message.